LinkedIn Targeting Fail

As a huge fan of LinkedIn it pains me to write this post. I was one of the first 50k users to sign up and have been a regular user of the site for the past 7 years.

During those 7 years LinkedIn has been the slow and steady, iterator of product. Never making big splashes, just focusing on adding features that increase the value of the site for users. Features like “See who has viewed your profile” keep me coming back regularly and I’d even go so far as to say their “Today’s Headlines” page does a better job of surfacing what’s popular on Twitter than Twitter does directly.

But then I got an email from LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions, inviting me to a two and a half hour event in Dallas. In Dallas? Hello?? Why on earth they think I would want to get on a plane and fly to Dallas for a morning is beyond me. Its not like LinkedIn doesn’t know I a) live in Los Angeles and b) know zero people in Dallas.

Come on LinkedIn, you guys can do better.

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